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The Peter Principle personified

“In an organizational hierarchy, every employee will rise or get promoted to his or her level of incompetence.” – The Peter Principle

"The cream rises until it sours." -- Dr. Laurence J. Peter

If ever there was an example of the Peter Principle, it is manifest in the breathtaking incompetence of career politicians who have little or no real-world experience. Consider the Fast and Furious gun debacle, the Cash for Clunkers lunacy, the "green" company bailouts and subsequent bankruptcies, the Benghazi horrors, a dangerous foreign policy, and the disastrous implementation of Obamacare and its aftermath. It's evident that our elected leaders have shown time and again that they are utterly clueless and inept.

One has to assume that at some time in their lives these leaders showed promise, whether it was in their academic accomplishments, their ability to motivate people for the betterment of their communities, or even perform adequately within the structure of some organization.

But like the Peter Principle, it appears that most of the people we trust to lead our nation have been elected or promoted to a level of such incompetence that we may never recover from the damage.

Years ago I learned an old adage; that if is something isn't broken, don't fix it. But our government bunglers have decided to not just tinker with established ideas that have worked for decades, but to fundamentally change them.

Take energy for example. Nature has devised an efficient way to store the energy that is vital to our way of life, in natural gas, coal and petroleum. By utilizing these wonderful resources we can move stored energy long distances quickly and inexpensively with trucks, rail cars and pipelines. When that stored energy arrives at its destination it can easily be transformed into electricity and fuel to heat our homes and run our cars.

But our Peter Principle politicians have decided that there is a "better" way ... to manufacture energy on site from windmills and solar panels. But when the wind stops blowing or the sun goes down, there is little energy stored for later use; one of the reasons that these energy ideas are so ineffective that they account for less than 10% of the total energy needed to run this country.

One of the greatest inventions of the last century was the electric incandescent light bulb. It was available in a number of wattage's and highly adaptable to any need. An incandescent light bulb on an extension cord placed under the hood of a car in sub-zero weather assured a start every time. And if you broke one, all you needed was a dustpan and a broom for cleanup.

But the Peter Principle dim-bulbs decided that the "environmentally friendly" mercury-filled curly lights were going to have to replace the standard bulb for all Americans. Now, we can't see worth spit for at least ten minutes in the dimmed conditions while one of these travesties warms up. And you need to hire a hazmat team to clean up the remnants when one breaks.

Remember paper bags? People carried groceries home from the market in them for a century, until some government official decided that paper bags cause the destruction of trees (never mind that trees are a renewable resource). The Peter Principle solution: plastic bags.

Oops … suddenly plastic bags began to clutter the countryside. If burned, they emitted black, smelly fumes. We needed a new and better solution. How about disease-carrying cloth bags that the shopper totes to the market and fills with produce to tote home?

It's time that Americans stop voting for people because they are attractive or give speeches that send a tingle up their leg. A wise voter will scrutinize carefully the background, history and ideology of every candidate and vote accordingly.

If you want a strong economy, elect business leaders. If you want the best healthcare, elect physicians or directors of medical facilities. If you want a strong defense, elect former military leaders. The best candidates will have credentials that make them the perfect fit into our political system for the most effective solutions to our challenges.

It's evident that the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, Barry Soetoro, and a host of other politicians have worked their way up through the ranks of political movers and shakers and have reached a level of incompetence that has elevated them to prime examples of the Peter Principle.

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