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The Pet Project helps keep pets with their families who are struggling

Labrador retriever in front of a Christmas tree
AP Photo/Hallmark Hall of Fame, Erik Heinila

The Pet Project provides the food, supplies, and basic veterinary resources needed for many people to be able to keep their pets in times of need. Also, they provide information on pet-friendly housing and connections to basic veterinary care.

Why? Because they believe that families in need shouldn't be separated from their pets simply because they cannot provide for them as they once could due to unexpected circumstances or poverty. In fact, these are the times when pets are most needed and appreciated by their families, and no one wants to see a beloved pet turned over to the over-crowded, under-funded shelters in the area when the pets had homes that loved them but were simply unable to provide for them any more.

On Saturday Dec. 5th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Pet Project hosted their first annual Holiday Pet Food Drive. Their goal: to raise over 10,000 pounds of pet food for local food shelves. For more information about that event, visit Donations are still being accepted online now, and much more information is available at, including how to get pet food, supplies, and veterinary care if you are a family in need.

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