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The pet business

The business of animal care; after recently attending a Pet Expo, it became apparent that pet related businesses are on the rise. Wow, there seems to be a new outlet for pet care and products every day. We, as stewards, of pet care need to read carefully the information regarding the product for the pet we are considering this product for. Pet products like cars are coming into our country every day and the protection for our pets is not held in the same high regard by all manufactures.

Read what is on the label. If it is unknown to us we should look it up and be sure it is safe for our pet. Most of us have cell phones with access to the internet and can look this up. If not take the time to go home or the library to establish in our own mind this will not harm our pet. Most producers of pet products are happy that we take this amount of concern while purchasing pet supplies. There are some herbs, products, toys and just food which are very harmful to our pets. This is also true of our environment. While camping recently a friend took their poodle with them and the pet ate something which turned out to be poison. There are two lessons here, one watch our pets and stop any unsolicited treats; and second teach our pets to listen. Obedience Classes are very inexpensive compared to medical care because our wonderful friend eats something they should not or ran into the road.

Our pets can even get hurt in our own yard. This is where our supervision and vigilance is so important. Pets’ do not discriminate what will hurt them or even kill them. Antifreeze is a great example of what will kill but every year people lose pets to this seemingly act of saving money by changing our auto oil and not properly disposing of it.

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