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The personal Mozart experience this weekend at the CSO

Photo Courtesy of Free Clipart

Sitting in the back of the orchestra very rarely am I surprised by things that happen during a concert. This evening the Colorado Symphony Orchestra performed an All Mozart program with Bernard Labadie conducting. Things happen all the time in the heat of the moment during an orchestral performance, and honestly nothing too serious happen this evening, I just got taken for a quick shock that I didn't necessarily have time to react, after all I have to do my job..

Today was an open rehearsal, many great patrons and friends of the CSO were in attendance. For myself I was pretty excited to be a part of a rehearsal like that. Our patron filled two and a half hour dress rehearsal came and went. I figured at least that since there were a good amount of people in the hall that it would be a good indication of how it was going to feel on stage with an audience for the concert in the evening.

Fast forward to 7:30 PM and the start of the show, the downbeat given. This time there were people on the wings, patrons behind the orchestra and in the upper loft. After all, Boettcher has a very unique setup in the round. Normally I can hear other musicians around me, but for some reason I could only hear players in my immediate vicinity and it scared me. After awhile, I became much more accustomed to the atmosphere, but with the drastic difference of having people in the hall it sure makes a difference.

Usually we would sit on the side of the stage, but in a chamber music configuration like in Mozart we were placed right behind the bassoons. It was an eye opening experience, not the first but it gives me greater appreciation for the players that sit there on a daily basis.

Overall I enjoyed the concert, Bernard Labadie defiantly is familiar with this repertoire as he specializes in conducting music from this period. It is the second time I've worked with him, and the third time he's conducted an orchestra I've been in. The last time was Handel's Messiah last December, and previously when I was a member of the New World Symphony back in 2004, however there were no Trumpet parts.

If anyone is thinking about going to the show, I heard one of the best complements about the Pianist Benedetto Lupo's playing you could ever here. Out of the blue when the orchestra walked off stage during rehearsal one of my colleagues just felt to mention how unbelievably awesome the pianist was. I found a good copy of his unfortunatly the page has a lot of frames and is unlikable correctly, but Benedetto Lupo and Bernard Labadie's managements website is here.

If you are into Mozart, the concert repeats at 7:30 PM Saturday and 2:30 PM on Sunday. The best part of live classical music, it's always new and fresh, and anything can happen.

Program -

MOZART Piano Concerto No. 18
MOZART Overture to La clemenza di Tito
MOZART Symphony No. 40
MOZART Chaconne from Idomeneo

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