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The Performance Zone

“There is a strong link between the physical and spiritual realm. When you take control of a situation in the spiritual, you will surely experience mastery over the same situation in the physical. You can confess and command prosperity to come into manifestation in your life. Prophetic confession is a powerful weapon in the school of prayer.” ~D. K. Olukoya

“Success leaves clues.” ~Anthony Robbins

Growing up in a small village, Arnold Schwarzenegger had an obsession that so concerned his parents, they called a doctor to come to their house. He was so consumed with the idea of bodybuilding, he put up posters around his room of athletes whose bodies he wanted to emulate.

The doctor explained to his parents there was nothing wrong with Arnold, he was just very passionate at a young age. As Tom Oliver shares in his book, Nothing is Impossible, available at Cleveland's Loganberry Books, Arnold had a three part plan before he ever left Austria.

First, he would become a legendary bodybuilding, smashing records in the sport. Once he accomplished this he would become an actor, something many considered an unreachable goal with his heavy accent. Third, he would become a politician, again something most considered out of reach as he was moving to a foreign land.

One of the keys to his success has been to surround himself with people that kept him inspired, people who had reached their goals and pushed themselves beyond their limits. Just as he had done growing up, he kept images constantly before him of who he wanted to become. The rest as they say, is history.

One key to success that many people teach that was first born out of NLP is the idea that the map is not the territory. What this means is that many people have a plan that they get so fixated on they fail to see other avenues from which to approach each problem.

Maps are useful guides, but their purpose is limited. When something is not working, don’t continue to simply try harder with the same strategy, even though your “map” may be giving you tunnel vision. It is an oft used metaphor that planes in flight are off course the majority of the flight. They simply make adjustments in midair and reach their destination after making thousands of tiny changes along the way.

The same is true for moving your life to the next level. Find role models and model their strategies, but don’t get so caught up in a specific tool that you fail to make necessary adjustments along the way. Success leaves clues, and one of those clues is to model those who have gone before, but using wisdom to know when changes to your plan need to be made to get you to your destination.

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