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The perfect wedding day nail look from MARS the Salon

The perfect wedding day nail look from MARS the Salon.
The perfect wedding day nail look from MARS the Salon.
MARS the Salon

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their big day. Of course the perfect wedding dress, hairstyle and makeup looks are at the top of the list when planning.

Although all of these things are important, there is another significant beauty aspect that you can’t forget about- a standout manicure. No bridal look is complete without a stunning manicure. It is the perfect accessory to complement your wedding ring and overall appearance.

Whether you haven’t thought about your bridal nail look yet, or you’re having problems deciding on what kind of design to wear for your wedding, nail professionals at MARS the Salon have the perfect manicure solution for you.

Hiroko Fujikawa and her team of nail experts have created the perfect bridal nail design. The design combines a traditional French manicure and a classy lace design. It is cute, feminine, elegant and perfect to complete any bridal look.

To complete this 5 step wedding day nail look from MARS the Salon, you’ll need a base coat; beige, white and gold colored nail polishes; a fine tip paint brush and a clear top coat.

1. Apply a base coat.
2. Paint a beige French tip on all nails.
3. Paint a white lace pattern above the French tip with a fine tip paint brush.
4. Paint a solid gold line between the French tip with fine brush.
5. Apply a top coat.

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