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The perfect St. Patty's read: VICKI'S KEY by p.m.terrell

VICKI'S KEY by pm terrell
VICKI'S KEY by pm terrell
via the authors website

Crossing over to a different genre can be tricky for an artist. But when the story calls, the author must answe. That is precisely what author p.m.terrell is doing with her 13th release, Vicki’s Key.

Terrell has been known for the past ten years as a successful author of suspense. And while Vicki’s Key maintains that same thrill her fans have grown accustomed to, it also crosses over into the paranormal and romantic suspense categories.

“I realized I love reading a ghost story more than anything,” Terrell said when reached at her home in Lumberton, North Carolina, which is also the location she chose for the series. “And Vicki’s Key takes place in a beautifully decrepit haunted house with a deep, dark secret.”

But the paranormal goes further than that. The main character, Vicki Boyd, is a CIA psychic spy. She is a composite of real-life psychic spies who have worked for the U. S. Government. Known as “remote viewers”, their role is to use clairvoyance to see into areas around the world—including high level cabinet meetings of foreign governments. Vicki’s mission takes her to a remote village in Afghanistan, which has implications for the future of world powers.

“By giving her these psychic gifts,” Terrell said, “it allows me to take her into areas that would be implausible otherwise. And as she becomes involved in international espionage and intrigue, she also experiences mysteries right in her own backyard.”

Vicki’s Key also crosses over into romantic suspense. “My fans have been begging me for years to ‘take it further’,” Terrell laughs, “so I did!”

The series introduces Dylan Maguire, an Irishman who arrives in North Carolina to help care for an invalid aunt. Terrell combed through surveys and studies of what women believe are characteristics of the “perfect man” to develop him. But as the book progresses and the layers peel away, Vicki finds that things are not what they appeared to be.

“I must have created the ‘perfect man’ a little too well,” Terrell said. “He was only supposed to be in this one book but editors and advance readers said he had to remain for the entire series. It was non-negotiable!”

Vicki’s Key comes out tomorrow, March 17, in trade paperback and eBook formats.

Ip.m.terrell is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of 13 books. They include 6 suspense/thrillers such as Exit 22 and The Banker’s Greed, her award-winning historical adventure/suspense River Passage and Songbirds are Free, 1 how-to book for authors and 4 computer books. For more information, visit

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