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The perfect restaurant mobile app

Restaurant Apps
Restaurant Apps

The restaurant/food industry is extremely competitive—and so it’s extremely important for chains to offer exceptional service and find ways to distinguish their brand. If a chain hasn’t developed a mobile strategy, for instance, they have serious ground to make up.

Experts project that the mobile payments industry will account for a staggering $1 trillion in global transactions by next year. So, how can chains create a successful restaurant app that resonates with users? Most restaurant apps already include location, menu and nutritional information, but consumers’ expectations have been raised.

Promoting loyalty is vital—the amount of Pinkberry’s in-store transactions that take place via its mobile loyalty app is 32 percent. Installing user-friendly payment methods is also critical. Subway, Checkers/Rallys, DQ and Tim Hortons have all gotten in on the action in this regard. Location-based marketing, ease of ordering and entertainment/functionality should also be priorities. To learn more about what it takes to create a successful restaurant app today, check out the full infographic here!