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The perfect real estate camera

Panoramic of horse farm
Panoramic of horse farm
Turn-Key Properties LLC

One of my pet peeves is looking for a property for a client and finding that the agent only posted one or maybe three photos. It really baffles me that so many never even bother to post one photo on the MLS.

I know, your busy but really the single most common question from a prospective buyer is always... "Do you have more pictures" !

Many MLS services will allow as many as 25 pictures, some sites allow more. In some cases we are working with properties where it is very difficult to get a decent shot of the property due to its condition or the clients living standards.

In one such case I hired a photographer to shoot the property, I told her focus on the positives of the property and try to find the best shots you can. Unfortunately that meant few shots of the house and a lot of shots of the property, trees, foliage and the little pond out back.

For many years I just bought whatever camera I could afford, just go to wally world and grab a basic digital camera off the shelf and away we go. One camera I even bought because it was waterproof and I could use it on float trips, nice feature but hardly a useful feature in glamming your newest listing.

I started doing some research, I wanted something I could keep in my pocket, that wouldn't break the bank but would give me three very important features; zoom, wide angle and panoramic! I found just that camera in the Sony DSC-H55, while they had pricier models that offered GPS and Compass to tell you exactly where and at what alignment you took the photo I really didn't see any need for that stuff.

With a 25 mm, wide angle lens (the smaller the number, the wider the angle) I can capture an entire room even if it is only 8x10. With the 10X optical zoom I can zero in on a homes features from the street. (useful if shooting an occupied home for a lender about to foreclose).

With the amazing one touch panoramic feature I can point to the left, hold the button and pan to the right; creating a perfect panoramic shot without having to stitch them together on my computer.

I can also shoot some really great video for using in advertising videos, all of this in a pocket camera is simply amazing! Although the although the Sony DSC-H55 has an impressive 14.1 Mega Pixels it is really of little importance since most photos taken are downsized significantly for Internet use.

I love this little camera and $197.00 at Amazon it beats the heck out of a lot of others I've tried.

D. Ben Edsall

Accredited Equestrian Real Estate Professional

Accredited Residential Manager

Turn-Key Properties LLC

Kansas City Real Estate Examiner



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