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The Perfect Ponytail


You know that girl, the one who sat in front of you in story hour, with her strawberry blonde (or maybe it was chocolate brown) ponytail hanging from the center of her head, not a hair out of place or a bump in sight. It would even swing from side to side when she got up to drink from the water fountain. The epitome of perfection. And day after day as you sat with your limp and lop-sided doo, we all know what you were thinking. You were estimating how fast you could reach into your back pack, pull out your safety scissors and snip the bitch's hair right off.  Maybe if you (or your mother) had known that your own Perfect Ponytail was just two easy steps away, you could have been spared all jealous thoughts. And in that case, maybe, just maybe, Little Sally's hair would've stayed on her head instead of the classroom floor.

You're a big girl now but this look is still in and I warn, most envied. So watch your back-- or uh, your tail!

You will need: 1 Rubber band, 2 Bobby pins

To Prep: Hook 1 bobby pin on each side of the rubber band.

Step 1: Spritz hair with a finishing spray and brush hair it back with a smoothing brush. Pull into desired position for pony tail.

Step 2: Stick one bobby pin in hair to the side of pony tail and hold the second bobby pin in your hand as you wrap the elastic around the hair. When you can no longer wrap hair, pin it in the opposite side of the pony tail to secure it in place.

Flawless finish, unbeatable bounce. Volia! Sally's got nothin' on you!

*To top this look off you can take a small section of hair, spray with finishing spray and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Secure with a bobby pin*