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The perfect political nightmare

Jennifer Whitney/New York Times
Jennifer Whitney/New York Times
Msnbc news

It really is interesting to watch the President and the members of Congress try to tip toe, point fingers, and dodge the situation regarding the migration of people from South America. The President is asking for Congress to pass a 3.7 billion dollar Emergency Fund, to try and find some kind of a solution to this growing crisis. But the members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle are not very eager to vote on this matter right now. Because to do so could potentially be political suicide. The idea of putting the kids on a plane and sending them back home has been mentioned as part of the plan, along with doing more to secure the borders.

Securing the borders more is great, but deporting innocent children is something that no politician wants to have his or her name attached to. That would mean adding to a 2008 deportation law, including the quick deportation of illegal immigrants from South American along with the quick deportation of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Canada that already exists.

With the Latino vote being so vital in every election, the prospect of losing their loyalty could ruin many careers on Capital Hill. Do not expect a solution to this matter anytime soon, there are just to many underlying factors for there to be any kind of a happy, fair, or humane solution to this problem.

Perhaps sending more troops to Iraq just may be the perfect remedy to help us to forget about the problems that we face here at home.