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The perfect kick

Kicks from different angles
Kicks from different angles

What is the perfect kick? There are many kicks to learn, but few kicks is all you need to learn, which are the basics. Front Kick, side kick, round kick, back kick, hook kick, crescent kick in and out, and spin wheel/heel kick. But will one kick finish the job or do you need multiple of kicks just to score the point, or you vicious attacking target?

Photo courtesy from me Nicolas Rodriguez

Martial Art Kicking Tricks

Perhaps it's nice to have a good variety of kicks just to look more of a technician and of an expert of one style. But all it takes is one kick to really out smart your foe. It can be either but on the situation of which the individual is in. Kicks must be thrown with the power of the hips and be centered in the core of the abs. While the waist determines how you move and turn your kicks in different positions for combination of kicks, all you need is really one, and why is that?

The Kick Test

Bruce Lee once said " "I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times." - Bruce Lee. If we were to analyze his movies, he rarely used no more than one or two kicks at a time, and used that same kick to his advantage and never changed his position but perfected his position. I am amazed of such a man who has accomplished so much in his young life, that many today in the martial arts, do try to emulate him. He had defined himself for who and what he had become before his death. A model all martial artist should and have tried to learn from since his death.

Multiple Kicks

Now we see movies after movies, where martial artist may use perhaps at least 3 to 5 kicks in one combo, or at one at a time. Of course it looks flashy and maneuverable, but it can be tiring and exhausting if those kicks have not been perfected, and if one kick is not done properly, it can mean life or death, winning from losing, and success from defeat. I can go on and on about the many kicks an individual can perform, or perhaps to use their own life, but all it takes is really one kick.

Martial Art Techniques

What style should you learn from? It does not matter as long as you train hard to make that kick effective to win in competition, in a fight, or to save your own life. Martial Arts is about self mastery and not to show how perfect the art form is. If it is done properly, trained many months and years to perfect that kick, then it should be to the point you have perfected that kick to change your life. Kicks are beautiful, extreme, dangerous, amazing, and yet can be exhausting and tiring. But it all depends how you master the kick of all of your kicks to define your personality and fighting ability. It does not hurt to master many kicks. But if you can't master at least one, the rest of your training for kicking, is useless, when that one kick could help you succeed if you can't master at least one kick.

6 Kicking Techniques

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