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The Perfect Game, a great fundraising opportunity for March Madness

Jim Naismith
John Grissmer

The Perfect Game, a great fundraising opportunity for March Madness

Playwright John Grissmer’s musical, The Perfect Game – Jim Naismith Invents Basketball, the only stage production honoring basketball’s inventor, is taking off in a new direction.

The Center for the Arts Bonita Springs took community theater to the next level with the The Perfect Game, adding adult community theater to the existing children’s theater after the successful fundraiser for the Center in 2013.

“Grissmer is an amazing playwright whose caliber of talent is exciting to experience in person.” said Craig Price, Center for the Arts Theater Director. “Not only is The Perfect Game an exciting adult story of hoops and dreams, with an actual historical context, the invention of basketball; it equally enthralls young adults.” Grissmer’s fame as an author and playwright follows earlier productions with rave reviews at Xavier University and The Hartke Theatre at The Catholic University of America.

Grissmer’s long and successful career recently put him in a position to give back. He proposes The Perfect Game as a fund raising vehicle for service and educational organizations to engage their members and provide communities with a unique experience, the only performance that recognizes the origins of basketball. The license fee for the script and music score is nominal for fund raising purposes. An ideal time to present this play is before March Madness but it’s exciting any time of the year.

“Jim Naismith’s text, Basketball and Its Origins and Development, provided background for Grissmer’s original script and music score. A twist in time takes the audience from the game’s invention in 1891 to a desperate, last shot in modern times with a surprise ending. A touch of romance weaves through the action, supported by an outstanding original music score.

Widespread recognition for Jim Naismith’s unique contribution to the sports world through this engaging, musical theater production honors the versatile teacher and overall father-figure and mentor who invented the game. “The play needs to reach basketball and theater fans across the globe,” said Grissmer.

Grissmer’s credits include theater and film since the 1950’s, drama teacher at the American University and the University of Connecticut, author of The Civil War Novel, The Ghosts of Antietam, and the classic film thriller, Scalpel. See The Perfect Game musical.

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