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The perfect Democrat candidate for president in 2016

Al Gore could be the perfect candidate for Democrats to win the White House in 2016
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The best candidate for the Democrats to run in 2016 and retain the White House is the candidate so obviously suited for the role that few Democrats or anyone else sees it. This candidate is everything that Hillary is not, healthy, rested and ready for a two years long tough campaign, politically correct on all the issues yet perceived to be mainstream enough to be elected in a general election. Who is this candidate that is so perfect the choice for Democrats to retain the White House after Obama? It's not Hillary Cllinton.

That candidates is none other than Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. You know him simply as Al Gore, the former Tennessee Senator and Vice President under President Bill Clinton. Al Gore ran for president in 1988 and again in 2000 when he won the nomination only to lose a very close election to George W. Bush. For this notion that Democrats owe Hillary the nomination because she put up with Bill's womanizing and had the nomination stolen from her by Barack Obama in 2008. If the Democrats believe anyone is entitled to another shot at running for president, since they believe that George W. Bush was “selected, not elected” in 2000 by the Supreme Court in the Bush vs. Gore case of the disputed results in Florida, than they believe Al Gore is due another shot to run for president.

Al Gore has wanted to be president since he was a young child chasing the Good Humor man for an ice cream bar. Quite likely, he still wants to be president. It might help if he reconciles with Tipper Gore, his wife of years that he is reportedly separated from. They could renew their vows and once again trade tongues in front of the American people at the Democrat National Convention.

While I regard Al Gore as a far left progressive, with his obsession with the debunked notion of man-caused global climate change, that is absolute religion and second sacrament of the progressive left (other being abortion-on-demand) and Al Gore is a leader on that issue and he's very politically correct hard left on abortion too. He's right with the hard left on all the major issues, Al Gore called for a carbon tax in his book “Earth in the Balance” long before carbon taxes, and cap and tax, were popular. Al Gore lead the fight for many progressive causes on the far left before they were “cool” for Democrats.

Al Gore can match the Clinton fund-raising machine and he probably still has better name recognition nationally than Hillary does. Al Gore is the one national Democrat Party leader that would easily defeat Hillary in the primaries and emerge from that process a very strong candidate in the general election. Al Gore is the one candidate, even better than Hillary, that could unite the factions of the Democrat Party like has not been done since Bill Clinton himself last ran for president.

If I was a liberal myself and wanted a Democrat in office, I really would be starting a draft Al Gore for president right now. Maybe I would call it Ready for Al Gore in 2016.

If the far left was smart enough to listen to me, they really would be taking my advice and running Al Gore for president, not Hillary Clinton, in 2016. This is not some cynical ploy to get Democrats to listen to me so the right dodges the bullet of having to run against Hillary. I know some on the left are going to say that, if they even believe that themselves. I”m telling the truth, in total honesty. The best chance Democrats have to retain the White House is to run Al Gore for president.

But I no qualms about offering this profoundly sound advice to America's enemies on the fair left, because I”m confident 99.9 percent of them aren't smart enough to see beyond being cynical of me, “the creator of the discredited UnSkewed Polls web site,” as they call me, to see that this is spot-on correct advice. Seriously, Democrats, if you want to retain the White House after Barack Obama, the ticket is to run Al Gore. And run New York Senator (who replaced Hillary in the senate) Kirsten Gillibrand as his running mate for vice president. Somewhere out there I think James Carville knows I'm right, but may not publicly admit it. Carville is the one Democrat campaign consultant that I think is smart enough to figure this out and see that I”m right.

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