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The perfect addition for the holidays


The holidays are upon us and it’s time to look the part. What adds on dramatic flair to our perfect makeup look? The lashes that will add style and beauty! The contest begins November 4 and will run to November 20 2009. The prize? 20 pairs of dramatic lashes yours FREE!

Share with me one beauty trick that has worked for you at all times. Let me know how it’s helped you in the past. I enjoy hearing from my readers about their makeup techniques. Post up your entry in the comment box or email me at  with your name, your entry, and where you are from. Please include an email address along with your entry. 

So this holiday, get ready to bat those eyes with these dramatic lashes. Don’t know how to put them on? Check out the previous article on how to apply false lashes and you’ll be a pro before you know it.


  • gaojay 5 years ago

    I love these eyelashes. I gotta join this contest!

  • Youa Vang 5 years ago

    Youa Vang, St. Paul, MN

    My eyelids are monolids. It's very very hard for me to use liquid eyeliner or just simply draw a line with a pencil without it smudging. And most of the time, you hardly see what I've just draw on my lids when I open my eyes.

    I have a trick. Since liquid eyeliners are so bad on me, I use black eye pencil liner to line my top lids. To make it smudge-proof, I dab black eyeshadow on top of the pencil line. The powder helps it set so it won't smudge!