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The PeopleString Scam??? amy's personal experiment to find out the truth behind the hype.

PeopleString Logo
PeopleString Logo

Okay, so it’s been six days since I decided to do this expose. And, in those six days I have logged into PeopleString once. I have been quite busy and so it sat. This is part of the experiment as well. Some days/weeks I will be able spend more time on the site and others less. I’m not expecting this site to pay the bills but I do want to know if it can legitimately help people make money.

Think of all the people out of work, the stay at home moms, the home bound and many others that could benefit from something like this. So, I will continue to test and play as I can. Join the experiment… sometimes it’s the accidental discoveries that pay off most!

Join amy’s PeopleString Scam Experiment

STATs as of Wed., April 28, 2010

  • Joined FREE program 1 week ago: Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
  • Completed Survey: waiting to get confirmation in mail to begin receiving offers – this takes 30 to 90 days.
  • StringLine: One person has signed up under me… Thank you for kick starting the experiment! You know who you are!!!
  • Current Earnings: $2.20 (US) have spent about 30 minutes on the site to date.
  • People Points: 80

Current Learnings:

PeopleString is based on Facebook. The concept is simple: people and businesses who use PeopleString (stringers) will get 70% of the ad revenue from the site. This is divided amongst all users, so there is no telling how much that will ad up to. Stringers can also earn money with People Points, signing up for special advertising offers, and playing games – all things that are done on Facebook and other social sites anyway.

The user interface is not as simple as Facebook and there are many different aspects to the site that can be used to make money if understood correctly. There is a training section, which I am beginning to believe is important to be at all successful with this site. For example, I want to receive email offers to earn more money but I haven’t figured out how to yet.

Having a downline of stringers is important. You make money six levels down. Not sure the percent yet, but absolutely sure that you need people under you to make the site worthwhile for making money.

Current Plan:

  • Begin watching training videos.
  • Begin learning different aspects of site and sharing on experiment page.
  • Get ten people to sign up under me.
  • Report stats every time I write an article on different aspects of the site.

Like I said in my first article, nothing will be held back. It’s an expose and I’m going to share every little detail.

Join me in the PeopleString Experiment…

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amy leigh, Writer / Marketing and Communications Specialist, works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and Fortune 50 companies. Her articles appear on and offline on popular websites and in renowned journals; she specializes in Article Marketing, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and the development of Passive Income Streams. Contact amy at



  • Monna Ellithorpe 5 years ago

    Hi Amy, I came across your experiment and have subscribed. Very anxious to see what your results are.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Still waiting on the results of your experiment!

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