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'The People Next Door' true-story movie similar to Garry Ford case

based on a true story

"The People Next Door" is a 1996 true-story movie that originally aired on CBS. The movie, which now airs on Lifetime, is very similar to the Candace Mclaine-Garry Greely case. The movie is directed by Tim Hunter and written by Fred Mills. The cast stars: Nicollette Sheridan, Faye Dunaway and Michael O'Keefe.

"The People Next Door' synopsis/plot

An explosive crime drama about a financially strapped mother who trusts the wrong people with her children. After they are kidnapped by the neighbors, the mother frantically searches for her children, who have been abducted by a madman and his girlfriend.

"The People Next Door" sounds eerily familiar to a case out of Pueblo, Colo, involving a young girl who was abducted by her neighbors. The case was in the news in 1994. That's when police say, Garry Ford kidnapped 9 year-old Candice McLane because her mother was abusive and neglectful.

Garry Lynn Ford was arrested and charged with kidnapping. However, a jury found Garry Ford not guilty. Candace Mclane was return to her mother's custody.

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