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The people are Frustrated and Angry..... Surround Tea Party

Fourth of July Tea Party Surrounded by approving public
Fourth of July Tea Party Surrounded by approving public
TCC Staff

The people are Frustrated and Angry

10's of thousand surround Tea Party
TCC Staff

The Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Help the Vets , Now petition addressed only one scandal. The truth is, there are many scandals and much corruption at all levels. “Today, the public was more concerned with expressing their contempt for the federal government and their displeasure with politicians of both parties than they are concerned with signing petitions that often go unanswered. Given the number of people present and the acceptance of the Tea Party, we were surrounded by a mass of humanity,” a Tea Party spokesman said. “The public was much more interested in venting their anger than signing petitions. Patriots are just fed up!

Trolleys Stop Shipside

This Fourth of July, our message was at the center of attention with trolley cars stopping in front of the Dartmouth. Every scheduled trolley stops at the Castillo de San Marcos and therefore brought the public to our doorstep. Most of the riders, on the scores of Trolleys that passed by all day long, gave us the ‘thumbs up’.

Dartmouth surrounded

The St. Augustine Tea Party’s Dartmouth was surrounded by tens of thousands of accepting and friendly people this Fourth of July. The great ship was used as a photo op for several thousand pictures. “Clearly, the St. Augustine Tea Party knows the secret to having a successful rally. It’s simple. You don’t invite people to a rally; you take the rally to the people. Due to the activities of our Town Crier Committee, our Tea Party ‘rallies’ with the public on a weekly basis on St. George Street. We are the most active Tea Party in the State of Florida these days,” a Tea Party member said.

“We have come a long way since our first Fourth of July celebration in 2011. In those days, we carried a Tea Party sign and a flag. We only came into contact with those we encountered as we passed among them. We carried no political signs, as our Republican handlers were terrified that we would embarrass them. The timid approach back then, is much the same as the Republican’s timid approach today. The GOP leadership in our Tea Party was voted out in September of 2011. At the Fourth of July 2011 fireworks, three Town Criers sat on the curb along the Bayfront and engaged only those in close proximity. The 2014 fireworks contrasted sharply with our beginning. An extended group of Tea Party members engaged a receptive public that surrounded them. Our Tea Party message and presence could not be ignored. The fireworks were enjoyed from premier seats aboard the Dartmouth,” a long-standing Tea Party member reminisced.

The Tea Party reports that of the tens of thousands who saw them, and the several thousands who engaged them, only four individuals rejected them. An aggressive, progressive elitist came face to face with the ‘Resistance’ when he ‘bad mouthed’ the signage.

This 4th of July was a long and exciting day. According to the volunteers interviewed, many worked the throng of celebrants in excess of eight hours. Those responsible for transporting and rigging the Dartmouth, worked 15 to 20 hours. “Though it was a long day, the success of the day made the effort well worthwhile. Hoorah!” was the final comment.