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The peak of hurricane season is upon us, are you prepared?

Pia Pia has her bag packed and prepared for a hurricane.
Taylor Family

If you live in Florida you know we are at the peak of the hurricane season. Are you ready in case you have to evacuate or in case a hurricane hits? It has been a while since we have been directly hit, but one of these times we will have to deal with a hurricane. Do you have your Pug ready for hurricane season? If you don’t, this is a good time to get things in order and ready.
1. Would you have to evacuate? If yes, do you have a place to go where you already know your Pug will be accepted? Whether it is a family, friends, hotel, or shelter please verify your Pug will be able to go with you. Whatever happens, do not live them at home by themselves. You can call your local animal shelter for assistance in locating shelter who accepts pets or other options for your Pug. DO NOT WAIT until a storm is here some places need arrangements to be made.
2. Food and water supply. If you are able to remain at home please make sure there is enough food and fresh water for your Pug. Some areas may be on a water ban or boil water until months after a storm has hit. Like humans your Pug needs plenty of fresh water.
3. Medicines. Make sure when a pending storm is coming to stock up on your Pug medicines, especially those that are diabetic and such. Many pharmacies may not open after a storm for weeks and you don’t want to take chances with your Pug.
4. Records. Make sure you have a copy of your Pug vaccinations, their rabies tag; hopefully they are micro chipped and you have a record of their number, the veterinarian and your information for the shelters or if you and your Pug are separated somehow. A current photo is also good to have. Information in regards to their behavior and any medical conditions.
5. Extras. Keep a bin with an extra blanket or towel, an extra toy, and anything else to help your Pug get through this storm just as you would take for you and your children. An extra leash, harness, and things to keep them warm. A carrier to help them feel more secure and one that they can lie day and stand up comfortably. Grooming items, trash bags, and cleaning agents (in case of accidents).
6. First Aid Kit. Prepare a first aid kit with your Pug in mind such as bandages, eye drops, ointment, scissors, tweezers, and etc.
All these items, especially the paperwork, identifications, medications, and such should be placed in a water proof container so not to be ruined in case of water damage. Pugs get very anxious and scared especially when so much is going on with leaving your house, staying somewhere else not familiar to your Pug, traveling in a car, and just the storm with the lighting and thunder do all you can to make things safe for you, your family, and your Pug. Prepare now do not wait until the storm hits.

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