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The path up the mountainside out my window

As I looked out the window after the last snowfall, I noticed a path going up the side of a mountain that had escaped my notice before. As I looked closer, it became my theory that animals had worn this path through the woods in an effort to reach the top while overcoming (going around) obstacles that prevented a straight ascent. Now in the snow, it provided a guided path for others to follow with surefooted progress. What has been learned about reaching our destination by going around obstacles that cannot be moved, and following the path of others who we see ahead of us? ... and is this the path to our intended destination?

God's Path

"Tis God's will I would do,

My own will I would rein;

Would give to God his due,

From my own due refrain;

God's path I would persue,

My own path would disdain.

From Poems of the Western Highlanders


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