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The Path of Redemption for Tiger Woods: Wise Words from Fr. Ed Beck

Everyone seems to be weighing in on the recent public admission and confession of Tiger Woods to several marital affairs.  Some think he was sincere. Others believe he was just doing his public duty to put the error of his ways behind him.  You'll decide for yourself the sincerity of his confession.  But, perhaps the story most interesting is the one released by ABC News and their religious contributor, Fr. Ed Beck.  Instead of suggesting what many Christians and Christian denominational leaders would be inclined to do - namely, recommend that Tiger get "saved," as Evangelicals put it, or repent and turn to Christ for forgiveness, Fr. Beck suggested he listen to the wisdom of his mother and his Buddhist heritage and, once again, get in touch with his own faith convictions.

Buddhism teaches that suffering occurs whenever we're attached to anything material.  That covers many things - one's body, possessions, clothing, image, career, status, power, ego, sexual name it.  If Tiger does go deep within himself, and his faith, he will undoubtedly find freedom from the guilt and shame he feels and be restored to a sound mind.  In any event, it is refreshing to see and hear a Christian priest affirm Tiger's faith traditions and encourage him to pursue it, rather than preaching platitudes at him that he would not likely heed and would be neither useful nor beneficial to him. So, kuddos to Fr. Ed Beck. May his Christian tribe increase.

Here's a link to the ABC Newsstory and Fr. Ed Beck's commentary:


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