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The Path of Life - Happiness and Joy in Life's Illusion

Somewhere along the path of life we have lost touch with what it means to interact with one another for the simple joy of sharing an experience.

When was the last time you watched a young child (under 4) at play? If you watch closely you will notice one fascinating aspect of their interaction with others…they are happy in each moment and manifest joy. They are totally focused on the present moment, have zero stress and could care less if they win or loose the game they are playing. All that is important to them is that they are playing the game on the path of life. The outcome has absolutely no effect on their peace or happiness, because they are happy to just be in the game.

We as well meaning adults are responsible for hypnotizing children into believing it's important to win. This is one of the greatest tragedies and burdens we embed in their belief systems because it takes away their joy. If we were conscious of the negative impact this would have on them later in life, we would never plant this seed of peaceful destruction. What we destroy is the natural state of happiness, by basically telling these vulnerable blessings of life that they must win to be happy. We become the destroyers of joyful interaction with others and don't even realize we are the cause of taking away their joy and innocent behavior. Then this negative competitive trait is amplified by other well meaning individuals in society through the school systems and again later in the business world.

If we would all simply take a few steps back, we would learn from watching a child's higher energy vibration expand the outer realms of life-situation and we would all be a lot better off in the long run. When was the last time you played a game or participated in some activity with others just for the sake of being in that moment for enjoyment, without the purpose of winning? Do you compete in everything you do? Have you been hypnotized into believing there can only be one winner? What if everyone could be a winner, would that make you feel better? Would you be willing to give up your competitive training if you knew you could do more good in life by doing so from a state of joy? These are all good questions; however, some would say it's not realistic to think this way. Who said so? What do you believe and why? Does the path of life have to be difficult?

As we progress through our life cycle or path of life an amazing thing happens. We start out in a state of pure bliss or joy, go through a phase of accruing material possessions to identify with, and finally, as we mature, we learn that the material stuff doesn't mean anything and we grief for the joy we lost in our life. When we realize the stuff is not who we are and only an outward reflection of the false self, we start to wake up to the true nature of life and happiness. There's nothing wrong with having nice things on the path of life and to be in a position to do what we want to do - when we want to do it. However, loosing touch with the reality that you are leaving here with the same stuff you came here with is living a life of pure illusion. Why not share something today, as you did when you we a young child, just for the joy of it, before you learned the word…MINE.

Do something nice for someone today. Do it without wanting anything in return. Be like a young child and experience the joy of just being in the moment for the sake of being here and bring happiness to someone else on the path of life. No planned outcomes, no competitions, no expectations, no rewards other than the happiness you feel as you reconnect with the joys of peace and freedom.

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