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The passing of time

I have had the opportunity to explore the definition of “the dog days of summer” the last two weeks and want to share the lessons I’ve learned. On the verge of an early retirement, my husband decided to use the remaining vacation time he had to test whether we could laze around like a dog on a hot day and be content.

Half way through week number two I realized I have not worn my watch since the beginning of vacation. We work out daily, and sometimes twice, we eat when we are hungry, I write when inspired, sleep when we want (even if its 1:00 in the afternoon), and we enjoy long conversations by the campfire at night. On my bike ride this morning I realized that time is being measured, just not by my watch. I see it in the height of the corn stalks. I have to approach the intersection with caution now because the corn stalks block the view of oncoming traffic. I have seen time pass through the change in the baby crane. Over the last weeks I have observed the soft, downy tan feathers change to the course grey feathers much like its parents. As time continues to pass, the fawn will lose its spots and before we know it, the measurement of time will change again.

Soon, farmers will be harvesting the corn that impedes my vision and the cranes will be migrating south. As for my husband and I, we will continue to measure time in our own way. We will continue to be active and enjoy each day that comes and goes. The dog days of summer may not last long but we have the rest of our lives to laze around, stretch our tired muscles and let our tongues loll out. Yes, I believe retirement life will suit us just fine!

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