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The Party Dolls release Love Wars Baby

Party Dolls - Love Wars Baby
Party Dolls

The Party Dolls – Love Wars Baby
This Is American Music

It seems the past few months are littered with albums from bands with the label of “super group”. With records from the Hard Working Americans and Willie Sugarcapps already out in the musical stratosphere wowing fans and critics alike it is time to make way for The Party Dolls from Athens, GA. A conglomeration of many musical friends and allies the heart of the band comes from members of the District Attorneys, Tedo Stone and Crooked Fingers. An even mix of jangly rock guitars, pop melodies and indie fuzz sprinkled with a hint of southern twang the band’s debut album Love Wars Baby sounds just as comfortable with today’s music as it does with music from the 60’s.

The band was assembled for a live show and after the success of said show things have taken off from there. They have built up a following through the live performances as well as dragging along the fans of their respective bands creating a pretty big anticipation for this new record, and a mighty fine record it is. Love Wars Baby is influenced by everybody involved yet sounds nothing like their other projects. The heart of the album is the melody as it flows through each song like a thick fog. Vocal harmonies and mellow pop rhythms lead listeners through their musical soundscape while perfectly placed guitar riffs give the mellow album enough life to keep it from resembling 70’s AM Gold. Right from the start the title track – “Love Wars Baby” – invites listeners in with a multitude of musical layers assaulting their senses and it does not let up. Songs like “Sides” offers plush vocals interacting with the subdued musical arrangements. They break out the fuzz on “Indigo” a bold guitar driven tune with thumping rhythms and brilliant vocal harmonies. It is easy to get lost in the music and totally miss how well this album is written. The sparse “I Am Not The One You Love” offers some of the best lyrics as they sing about lost love and the line “cause I’m a broken arrow and my aim it tends to shake, and you’re a suit of armor with the time it took to stand with all that weight” sets the tone for the moody “A Firecracker”.

Like so many collaborations before them these type of records turn into shadows of what they are built up to be offering fans muddied music that sounds like an abomination of their favorite bands. Lucky for us this one does not. Love Wars Baby is a cohesive album that sounds like it came from a band that has been playing together for years. The members play off of one another and yes you can pull out bits and pieces that sound like their other projects but not enough to be disruptive. The Party Dolls have delivered a fine rock album that demands to be listened to.

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