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The Paramount Summer Classic Film Series: August 2014

'The Bad and the Beautiful' (1952)
'The Bad and the Beautiful' (1952)

Every year, the Paramount Summer Classic Film Series presents a bevy of big screen classics on genuine celluloid, providing Austin filmgoers with not only a nice way to beat the heat, but also a cinematic history lesson, not to mention good old-fashioned entertainment. The perfect antidote to the giant robots, explosions and comic book movies at the multiplex. The schedule for August 2014 is chock full of classics, including several rarely screened titles not to be missed. And with the temperature in the triple digits daily, it's still one of the most entertaining ways to avoid heat stroke.

The Paramount Theatre is located at 713 Congress Avenue in downtown Austin. Tickets may be purchased at the box office, or in advance at Here is the line-up for August 2014:

"Crumb" Fri 8/1 at 9:15pm
"Dark Ciity" Fri 8/1 at 7:15pm

The 1940s: Rounding Up the Usual Suspects – Sat-Sun, Aug 2-3 (Paramount100)
One last Paramount100 glimpse at the 1940s with two Paramount Summer Series favorites.

"Casablanca" Sat 8/2 at 7pm, Sun 8/3 at 4:15pm
"The Philadelphia Story" Sat 8/2 at 9pm, Sun 8/3 at 2pm

The 1950s: A Lifetime of Bumpy Nights – Wed-Thurs, Aug 6-7 (Paramount100)
They say showbiz will eat you alive. Judging by these films, they may have a point.

"All About Eve" Wed 8/6 7pm, Thurs 8/7 at 9:20pm
"The Bad and the Beatiful" Wed 8/6 at 9:40pm, Thurs 8/7 at 7pm

A Weekend with The Little Tramp – Sat-Sun, Aug 9-10
Two of Charlie Chaplin’s most beloved comedies.

"The Great Dictator" Sat 8/9 at 2pm and 6:05pm, Sun 8/10 at 3:45pm
"Modern Times" Sat 8/9 at 4:25pm, Sun 8/10 at 2pm and 6:05pm

The 1950s: Brando – Tues-Wed, Aug 12-13 (Paramount100)
When it comes to screen acting, there’s really just pre-Brando and post-Brando.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" Tues 8/12 at 7pm, Wed 8/13 at 9:10pm
"On the Waterfront" Tues 8/12 at 9:25pm, Wed 8/13 at 7pm

Hitchcock Week: Tues-Sun, Aug 12-17
We’re playing the hits, and a few of the B-sides, too.

"Rebecca" Tues 8/12 at 7:15pm, Wed 8/13 at 9:15pm
"Notorious" Tues 8/12 at 9:45pm, Wed 8/13 at 7:15pm
"Psycho" Thurs 8/14 at 7pm, Fri 8/15 at 9:30pm
"Vertigo" Thurs 8/14 at 9:10pm, Fri 8/15 at 7pm
"Rope" Thurs 8/14 at 7:15pm, Fri 8/15 at 9:15pm
"The Trouble with Harry" Thurs 8/14 at 8:55pm, Fri 8/15 at 7:15pm
"North by Northwest" Sat 8/16 at 2pm and 6:50pm, Sun 8/17 at 4:20pm
"The Birds" Sat 8/16 at 4:35pm, Sun 8/17 at 2pm and 6:50pm
"Frenzy" Sat at 8/16 2:15pm, Sun 8/17 at 4:35pm
"Family Plot" Sat 8/16 at 4:30pm, Sun 8/17 at 2:15pm

The 1950s: From Every Angle – Mon-Sun, Aug 18-24 (Paramount100)
A handful of the decade’s best.

"Diabolique" Mon 8/18 at 7pm
"Strangers on a Train" Mon 8/19 at 9:15pm

Sci-Fi Classics: Bizarre happenings in small-town America and the distant beyond.
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Tues 8/20 at 7:15pm, Wed 8/21 at 9:15pm
"Forbidden Planet" Tues 8/20 at 8:55pm, Wed 8/21 at 7:15pm

Tales from Japan: Two poignant stories of ordinary people searching for meaning and happiness.
"Tokyo Story" Thurs 8/22 at 9:35pm
"Ikiru" Thurs 8/22 at 7pm

Portraits of Stoicism: Two men with violent pasts struggle to lead peaceful lives in an angry world.
"High Noon" Thurs 8/22 at 7:15pm, Fri 8/23 at 9:55pm
"The Quiet Man" Thurs 8/22 at 9pm, Fri 8/23 at 7:15pm

Fights and Flirtations: These couples get off on the wrong foot, but anyone can see they’re falling in love.
"Bell, Book, and Candle" Sat 8/24 at 4pm, Sun 8/25 at 4:15pm
"An American in Paris" Sat 8/24 at 6pm, Sun 8/25 at 2pm

70MM Week!! – Tues-Sun, Aug 26-31
Because the big screen deserves BIG films.

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" Tues 8/26 at 7pm, Wed 8/27 at 7pm
"Spartacus" Thurs 8/28 at 7pm, Fri 8/29 at 7pm
"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Sat 8/30 at 4:30 and 7:15pm, Sun 8/31 at 2pm

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