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The Palm WeHo to close shop and open new location in Beverly Hills

Much to the chagrin of West Hollywood locals who frequent the popular Palm Steakhouse on a regular basis either at the bustling bar or for lunch or dinner in the dining area, the legendary watering hole, feeding spot is closing at the end of September, 2014. We got it from good sources, a woman recently hired to handle the public relations for the new location in Beverly Hills and the server who waited on us at lunch yesterday. Both said the building where the restaurant has been for decades will be imploded (after they leave it of course).

Scenes from the Palm WeHo with The Diva and Richard--burger special for lunch
Richard Pietschmann
Soon to be imploded
Richard Pietschmann

Then come November it will be business as usual but at a new location on Canon Drive—the steakhouse row of Beverly Hills that houses Wolfangs, Mastros and others. Although there are several branches of the Palm around the country, the WeHo spot on Santa Monica Blvd. will be sadly missed, but then Beverly Hills is just a couple of miles west of there.

The concept for the Palm began in 1926, when Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi opened the place in New York City—where it still is today and as popular as ever for business people, couples, tourists and socializing. The successful franchise is stiill owned and operated by members of the Bozzi and Ganzi families—one of whom we will be interviewing soon for more info on the move.

If you are unfamiliar with The Palm it carries one major tradition, walls filled with caricatures of famous faces. As the legend goes that tradition began when, instead of singing for their supper, artists paid their tab by painting an original portrait on the wall. The proximity of New York’s cartoon syndicate offices led to the proliferation of colorful caricatures found at every Palm location. And while famous today for beef and lobster, steaks weren’t a part of the original Palm menu. Whenever a customer would ask for steak during The Palm’s early years, John Ganzi would run to a nearby butcher shop on Second Avenue, buy a steak, and then cook it to order. Steaks eventually became a regular menu item to accommodate guests’ frequent requests.

Palm Patrons for many years, Richard and your LA Travel Diva Examiner have their own booth #7 which is always saved for us when we book our lunch or dinner at (of which we are frequent ‘fliers’). Perhaps when the new place opens we’ll get our caricature on the wall.

Remember there’s still time to dine at the Palm which won’t close until the end of September. It is located at 9001 Santa Monica Blvd., 310-550-8811. And do come for more details following my pending interview with Bruce Bozzi, the great grandson of the original founder.

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