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The Palestinian Authority wants you to believe the world is flat

The latest piece of propaganda from the Palestinian Authority is tantamount to promoting the idea that the world is flat
The latest piece of propaganda from the Palestinian Authority is tantamount to promoting the idea that the world is flat

The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) which currently serves as the the quasi-government of Palestinians living in the West Bank, wants everyone to believe that the world is flat. This is figuratively what they have done by posting an article on their official web site that states that there is no historical connection between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In defiance of two thousand years of historical record, exhaustive-definitive archeology, thousands of maps created over thousands of years, the official leadership of the future State of Palestine is asking humanity to deny an established fact. A fact, that obviously makes them very unhappy. So, if you don’t mind, please honor this request as it will help the PA in their final-settlement negotiations with the State of Israel.

Ah, if only such an immature approach to dealing with inconvenient facts were a practical strategy for addressing complicated-messy problems. Sadly, that is how many people do approach facts that challenge what they want or need to believe. The process by which people emotionally and intellectually resolve the differences between their own beliefs with facts that challenge those beliefs is called “cognitive dissonance.” In fact, here in the United States, a news network was specially created to alleviate the intellectual discomfort many conservative Americans have with facts they don’t want to hear. (Some people don’t believe Fox News is really all that sinister or is just stupid; I give them the benefit of the doubt, their pernicious approach to reporting events is quite intentional.) Oops, did I digress from the subject at hand? Sorry.

The Temple Mount is sacred to the Jewish people as the site of its two great Temples. You know about the Temples? Where the Ark of Covenant was kept; the place Jesus came to pray and teach. The first Temple, built by King Solomon, was erected in 832 BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The Second Temple, built 75 years later and was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E. The Western Wall, is a physical remnant of the Second Temple’s outer-retaining wall.

And why is the Temple Mount so important and sacred to Muslims? Because according to the Sura Al-Isra, the Prophet Muhammad took a “Night Journey” from Mecca to Jerusalem where he prayed at THE WESTERN WALL with Jesus and Moses. Well duh? He obviously didn’t go to Jerusalem for a pastrami sandwich! The Prophet Muhamad in his words and deeds always acknowledged the legitimacy of Judaism and in turn, the Torah and sacred sites such as the Western Wall. According Wikipedia: “After the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in 637 CE, Umayyad Caliphs commissioned the construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock on the site,” to commemorate the Prophet’s visit.

So isn’t denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount tantamount to denying the role the Temple Mount played in the life of Islam’s founder?

While much of the Palestinian Authority Website is translated into English, this nonsensical piece of propaganda about the Temple Mount was not. Why? Because the article was not intended for Westerners who read English. This kind of propaganda is a sad commentary on the respect the P.A. has for less educated people in general and their own constituents in particular. As a progressive, J-Street kinda of Zionist, I’m not predisposed to believing that all Palestinians are lying-evil doers. Buit if this is yet ANOTHER example of the PA’s intellectual honesty and trustworthiness, neither Israel or the rest of the world should be inclined to believe or trust the future leadership of the State of Palestine.


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