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The Paleo Benefits For Women

The Paleo Benefits For Women The Paleo diet has been mainly marketed toward men as the idea of the diet is to eat lots of nutrient-rich foods until you’re full. This means eating pretty much all the time. Women don’t usually behave this way with dieting, where most of the fads geared toward woman encourage restriction of one element or another. However, there are some surprisingly great benefits for women on this "manly" diet.

It’s no secret that women often have a harder time losing weight than men. This is partially due to genetics and other hormonal fluctuations. Estrogen is one such hormone that plays a part in a variety of lady problems like easy weight gain, severe menstrual cramping, acne, cysts, and mood swings. Many of the eliminations that are suggested on the Paleo diet, however, help to regulate the estrogen levels and therefore regulate the body and natural functioning.

Soy Products Are Not Part of Paleo

This is a controversial ingredient. Some think it’s good, and some think it’s bad. Science, however, shows us that soy is a phytoestrogen, a chemical similar in shape to normal estrogen. Eating soy will increase estrogen levels, which in turn will increase all the female problems that go with it including period pain and cramping, ovarian cysts, and mood disorders.

Sugar Is Eliminated From Paleo

This one is pretty much a given, as most fad diets on the market urge lowered or elimination of sugar. Sugar is incredibly addictive and very easy to overuse. It creates a plethora of health conditions and is a primary source of weight gain. These sugar-made fat cells convert to estrogen, which can produce extremely high levels in women. Sugar also makes more testosterone in the ovaries, which in women can decrease fertility, libido, and create man-like hair growth on the body.

No Grains On The Paleo

This is another product that is controversial since many diets claim there are good grains. There are; however, we have a tendency to overuse the good stuff, so why not remove it completely? Grains can create something called leaky gut, which leads to serious autoimmune conditions that are commonly found in women like Hashimoto thyroiditis and rheumatoid arthritis. These "healthy" grains also suck in nutrients like calcium and magnesium and therefore put the bones at higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Additionally, grains break down into sugar, which as we have seen above can be greatly disadvantageous for both genders, and especially women.

Omega Balance Is Encouraged

Omega 6 and omega 3 are the main fatty acids. One is inflammatory (omega 6) and the other anti-inflammatory. Too much of omega 6 can create problems in fertility and neonatal brain development. It can cause increased menstrual cramping as well. Paleo foods encourage the balance between these two fatty acids to combat inflammatory effects.

All things considered, while the paleo diet might be known as the "caveman" diet, it may just be the best diet that can reap great health benefits for the modern women.

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