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The Painting - which withstood the fire

My first spirit guide drawing by Deb Hanna

The Painting - which withstood the fire

Deb Hanna on Facebook

Almost a decade ago, I asked a friend of mine who is a visionary artist to create a spirit guide drawing for one of my daughters. My daughter, at the time had recently miscarried a baby, was in a strange city and feeling alone with loss and adjustment. The drawing became a point of conversation with my daughter, image of feeling life was safe, and better days were to come. Shortly after receiving the drawing, she once again became pregnant and brought the first of two granddaughters into this world. The drawing through the years remained in her home.

Five years ago this spring, a fire engulfed her home, total loss with heat so intense the cross beams burned also. The spirit guide drawing was sitting on a shelf above the point of origin of the fire, although everything in the home was lost – the drawing itself was found intact without even smoke damage. A spiritual guide image persevered through the fire when nothing else remained.

Spiritual art or more commonly known now as visionary art is an artisan gift exemplified through images, which bring a connection in visual form between the unseen to the seen. In a true visionary artist drawing and painting as a physical link between spirit and mortal, the creation takes on properties of guidance and protection, which exceeds logic or explanation. Portals of creation such as Deb Hanna has created for 30 years with the intent of bringing images into our world for others as a bridge of communication. Deb has a page on face book, which shows images of her paintings outside of spiritual guide drawings.

Life, although it seems a mystery becomes clearer when we allow and accept:

What is real is imagined, what is imagined is real and finally “it just is.” Faith and trust will propel you to your highest levels!



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