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The Paganism Examiner's quarters of the moon resource guide

The moon cycles through her phases, revealing the circle and spiral patterns often used in Paganism.
The moon cycles through her phases, revealing the circle and spiral patterns often used in Paganism.
by Jennifer Clark

When talking about the phases of the moon, one often hears (or reads) about the First Quarter Moon, the New Moon, and so on.  What does Third Quarter mean?  What does it look like?  When does a First Quarter Moon rise and set?  And how am I supposed to remember all that?

Here is a series of articles written to address exactly those questions.  They were originally written to be read in the order listed.  You can, however, jump to whichever article is of most interest and read the others as needed or desired.

New Moon

First Quarter Moon

Full Moon

Third Quarter Moon

Dark of the Moon

In these articles you will learn (or re-learn) what each of those terms and phrases mean, what each phase looks like, and how to locate the Moon when she is in each phase.  While these articles do not deal directly with ritual structure or spellwork, the information is useful when planning rituals and designing spells.  Being familiar with these ideas is definitely an asset to the practicing Pagan.

Bright blessings to you in your studies and on your journey.



You can read other articles Jennifer Clark has written by going to:

Paganism Examiner's Articles.

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  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 4 years ago

    A good overall series. Thanks!



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