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The Pac-10 is now the Pac-12

The Pac-10 is now the Pac-12
The Pac-10 is now the Pac-12

Recently the ten athletic directors who govern the Pacific Conference of college athletics were given the authorization to explore expanding the the "Pac-10" to the "Pac-12" or even "Pac-16". 

After much political maneuvering, the Pac-10 was able to add The University of Utah and the University of Colorado to its athletic conference.  By the start of the 2011 football season,  Los Angeles area fans of UCLA and USC may need to add stops in Utah and Colorado to their travel schedule.

Starting in 2011, college sports teams from the current Pac-10 schools plus Utah and Colorado will compete for conference supremacy. 

Over the last several weeks many sports-writers, college students, and faculty of the affected universities have written articles and blogged about the rationale behind expanding this highly traditional 10 school conference. 

Not surprisingly, the answer is money.  

The Pac-10, a very relevant conference in high revenue producing sports such as football and basketball, is missing some of the revenue producing devices that most major conferences already have in place.  The Pac-10 is currently without a lucrative TV contract (especially as it pertains to televised football games) and does not have a college-football conference championship-game.  

Conference championship-games, in addition to the lucrative TV deals that accompany them, has allowed the SEC and Big-12 conferences to earn upwards of $10 million more per season than the Pac-10. 

By adding Denver Colorado, the 12th largest TV audience in the country, in addition to the loyal fan base of the University of Utah, the Pac-10 can be more aggressive in its TV contract negotiations scheduled for later this year. 

Additionally, a conference championship game can help produce millions of dollars in extra revenue which will be spread out amongst the athletic programs of all twelve schools.

Although this expansion will remove some traditional components of Pac-10 athletic competition, the added revenue created by this move should be a benefit to all the college athletes of these twelve schools. 


  • Ed O'Bannon 5 years ago

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. "This move should be a benefit to all the college athletes of these twelve schools..." Really? Really?!? Au contraire, mon frère (that's something I learned at UCLA)... You are right, this IS all about money. But not for the student athlete (who use ...see Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo and get used ... see most everyone else). This move benefits the professional athletic programs that are conducted under the auspices of a monopoly called the NCAA. The reason it isn't the PAC-16 is that the Big-12 (with ten teams, go figure) sold their soul and money to Texas to keep them in the Big 12. Texas got $10M more. The rest of the BCS and television convinced them to stay to keep the status quo. If Texas had moved to the PAC-16, the BCS would have been in real trouble and there likely would have been 4 superconference and a football playoff. Is the PAC-12 better than the Pac-10? probably but not as good as the PAC-16 could have been. But this does not benefit the student!

  • Woodward and Ridgeley's crumbling relationship 5 years ago

    "The rest of the BCS and television convinced them to stay to keep the status quo"

    Not if the Texas Longhorns selfish, greedy, monopolistic out of control egos continues! You forget, that the Texas Longhorns greed was the reason why the Southwest Conference went down in flames in the first place! And unless the Longhorns realize the error of their ways (yeah, right) or better yet, the other members of the Big 12-2 keep the Longhorns egos in check (they have failed miserably so far), then the Big 12-2 will be joining the Southwest in hell in a couple of years! In fact, Missouri is STILL complaining about the Longhorns hogging most of the money for themselves!

    I'd bet my money the REAL reason why the Big 12-2 is still alive is because unlike the Big12-2 teams, the Pac-12 teams (and for that matter the Big 10+2 and SEC) knows how to keep the Longhorns greed under control and the Longhorns know it!

    (continue on next post)

  • Woodward and Ridgeley's crumbling relationship 5 years ago

    (continued from last post)

    And unless the Longhorns start sharing the money, the Big 12-2 will be a dead conference in a couple of years (even if they add a BYU and New Mexico or Colorado State to the mix) and the Pac-12 will finally become the Pac-16!

    And the will fun will finally begin!

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