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The overall pleasure of clean eating

The overall pleasure of clean eating.
The overall pleasure of clean eating.

Recent studies have noted how the consumption of soft drinks and fast food are declining and this is great news for every person who treasures their God-given right to naturally great health.

One of the first things that a person notices after eating clean is a purity in the palate so that the need for overly sweetened or salty foods begins to diminish. After a few days, there is also an overall pleasantness to one's demeanor in that they are not as quick to judge others and begin to have a natural aversion to the negativity seen within the mainstream media or the neighborhood gossip.

The sensation of peace and happiness is embraced and treasured.

Within a couple weeks, any sweet-tooth cravings will give way to a desire for fresh fruits; these will taste even better because the clean eating will have made the palate more sensitive to taste.

It is true that variety is the spice of life so keep things fresh by trying different combinations and substitutions.

  • Strive to avoid artificial sweeteners and stick to stevia.
  • Ditch the desire for sour creams or cream cheese and try a fresh, ripe avocado in spreads.
  • Extra virgin olive oil for salads and organic coconut oil are fantastic substitutions for butter.
  • Work wonders with spaghetti squash and by-pass the carb heavy pastas.

Embrace healthy, whole foods - organic whenever possible - and the results will be overwhelmingly positive to your overall good health!

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