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The Ouija Board and one Chicago Psychic's different views of it

Talking Board by Medium Edward Shanahan
Talking Board by Medium Edward Shanahan
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

Ouija Boards also known as Talking Boards through the ages have come in all different sizes and types. Here is a video of Ouija Boards Through the Ages by the Museum of Talking Boards Collection.

The Ouija Board, is a subject that makes some shake in their chairs with fear at just the mention of it in an Internet posting by what I have seen in the follow up to whenever a Ouija Board is mentioned and the original posting can be either positive or negative toward the board. It is not just the general public that mention the fear of it, but many paranormal investigators push the dreaded warning of asking for trouble by using it.

There are those individuals both in the general public and paranormal investigations who will not allow a Ouija Board in their own home, as their personal feeling is that one would be asking for trouble by using one in their home. Would you allow a paranormal investigation team in to your home? If the answer is yes, then why fear a Ouija Board?

I do not understand why people in the paranormal field get so bent out of shape over Ouija Boards when in reality EVP and Ghost Box sessions are the same thing, an attempt to have a spirit or spirits communicate with the users. Paranormal tools are just a different tool without the possible interaction of the person as can happen with fingers on a Ouija Board Planchett, thus this would make EVP and Ghost Box sessions more risky if there was any truth to the bad warnings tied to the Ouija Boards.

Matter of fact I consider paranormal investigations nothing more then a modern day séance and the funny thing is that when I started out over thirteen years ago holding my Circle of Energy Séance, there were paranormal investigation teams calling the public locations and warning them against having my Circle of Energy at their location, as it may raise spirits!

I would laugh to myself as what where the investigation teams that were calling on me and also planning on investigating the same location looking to do to be able to get the spirits to respond? Stand there in silence and wait for something to tap them on the shoulder?

I personally have never had the planchett move for me on a Ouija Board with my fingers on it. So I do not hold it as being something that is bad, actually for me it is nothing.

There are two theories to why the Ouija Board does what it does. Those who are paranormal investigators and like to be considered scientific, I am surprised that they do not jump on to the scientific theory to explain why the Ouija Board does what it does, instead of pushing the fear of using one theory. I will state the Scientific one here.

The scientific theory is called ideomotor response and I would imagine that it would be the one the paranormal field would want to grasp to explain why the Ouija Board does what it does, since they want to be considered scientific. This theory explained along with the other theory can actually be found at the web page about the theories at the Museum of Talking Boards.

My theory consists of both the scientific ideomotor response and the spirits within each one of us from past lives and those who do not know how to control that internal knowledge and two individuals or more sit together to use the talking board or Ouija Board, the dominant spirit of someone's past life will be the dominant one at the table or board. So yes I do side with science also.

Yes the Ouija Board or as what I use on my Chicago Paranormal Nights, the Victorian type of Talking Board and you can see it in the photo included in this article. I place in a circle letters and numbers written on paper and then provide a long stem wine type glass turned upside down for individuals can use the bottom base of the glass to put their fingers on as one would do with a planchett for a Ouija Board.

This was the way of performing it back in the Victorian days. I personally do not put my fingers on the base of the glass as I do not want to be involved or accused of making it move. I will most likely be the one asking the Spirits the questions and have those participating in the paranormal night be the ones channeling the answer by way of having their fingers on the glass.

To put a believable twist to the situation and experience of using the Victorian Spirit Board, I request those that do not have their fingers on the glass, to start throwing out questions about their love ones who have passed away and usually receive the answers to confirm that we have contacted the spirit. Also no one has ever brought across a demonic entity that has interacted with anyone present or remained at the location or followed anyone home.

One thing the general public has to be made aware of as well as those in the paranormal field, but I am more concerned about the general public. It is easy to find with a search on ebay under Bizarre Magic and there you will find the Ouija Board planchett with an earth magnet in it so to make the planchett do weird things during a Ouija Board session with one individual controlling it by way of using the magnet and usually a special finger ring. So make sure a Ouija Board communicator is not wearing rings and has their shirt rolled up or is wearing short sleeves.

Edward Shanahan

Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan, awarded best Psychi in Chicago - Web site
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Edward Shanahan has been awarded the Best Chicago Psychic Award and even mentioned in the Huffington Post in an article in May of 2014.

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