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‘The Other Woman’ scores at the box office

‘The Other Woman’ scores at the box office
‘The Other Woman’ scores at the box office
Fox Studios

There’s been some hit and miss when it comes to certain comedies hitting the big screen. Normally they will show you the funniest parts in the movie trailer and when you see the actual film it is the complete opposite. Or, better yet, the footage you saw in the trailer is nowhere to be seen in the actual film. Little did we know, one comedy that hardly got any promotional attention topped this weekend’s box office, taking the superhero flick “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” from its throne.

Today, Forbes reported that comedy “The Other Woman,” reasonably topped the box office with a solid $24.7 million. The comedy follows three women; the girlfriend, the wife, and the mistress (played by Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, respectively), who all find out they’re being betrayed by the three-timing spouse, played by TV’s “Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Once they all find out what was going on, they decide to team up and cause some havoc. Sounds like a typical chick flick movie.

Yahoo Movies also reports that the movie exceeded both moviegoers’ and studio (Fox) expectations about the film; it was speculated that the film would gross only in the high teens at the box office. Critics were also not impressed with the film, giving it an overall very low rating -- in fact, the film only garnered 25 percent of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (do audiences really care what critics thinks about certain films?). Reports says that three quarters of female and 65 percent over the age of 25 gave the film a decent “B+” grade on CinemaScore.

Spencer Klein, senior vice-president and general sales manager at Fox told TheWrap that the “girl power” movie is something that moviegoers been waiting to see. “I think audiences were clearly ready for a movie like this,” Klein said. “The three female leads were a huge draw.”

Maybe “girl power” was the key for getting people to check out the film, and allowed Fox to broaden their audience before the big screen becomes invaded with summer superhero flicks, starting with Sony/Marvel’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” which opens in theaters this Friday. It is always nice to have a nice decent comedy before the real action begins with popcorn films of the summer.

The “Captain America” sequel fell to the second spot on the chart by bringing in $16 million, but grossed over $645 million globally.

So are you looking for a good laugh? Does this movie live up to what people expect it to be, or does this movie remind you to another similar movie titled “Chasing Papi” starring Roselyn Sanchez and Sofia Vergara. After a while, comedies are almost the same.

Top Five Box Office results:

1). “The Other Woman” (FOX), 3,204 theaters / $9.3 million Fri /$9.6 million Sat (+4%)/ $6.2 million Sunday (-35%)/ 3-day cume: $24.7 million/ Wk 1/Per Screen Average $7,836

2). “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (DIS), 3,620 theaters (-205) / $4.5 million Fri. / $7.4 million Sat (+66%)/ $4.8 million Sunday/3-day cume: $16.7 million (-35%) / Total cume: $225 million/ Wk 4/ Per Screen Avg $4,629

3). “Heaven Is For Real” (SONY), 2,705 theaters (+288) / $4 million Fri. / $5.8 million Sat (+43%)/$4.3 million Sunday (-25%)/ 3-day cume: $13.9 million (-38%) / Total cume: $51.9 million /Wk 2/ Per Screen Average $5,245

4). “Rio 2” (FOX), 3,703 theaters (-272) / $3.3 million Fri. /$6.4 million Sat (+93%)/ $4.3 million Sunday (-30%)/3-day cume: $12.7 million (-42%) / Total cume: $96.3 million / Wk 3/ Per Screen Avg $3,730

5). “Brick Mansions” (REL), 2,647 theaters / $3.5 million Fri. / $3.5 million Sat (0)/$2.3 million Sunday, -35%/ 3-day cume: $9.4 million / Wk 1/ Per Screen Avg $3,542

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