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The other five percent and college educated black women

Oprah Winfrey at Harvard University
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Pew Research Center, in a report on the use of electronic readers, found that African American women college graduates are the most prevalent readers. College educated black women are the most likely to have recently read a book.

The same study found that black people and white people read at similar rates. Despite all this reading being done, less than 30 percent of the population uses e-readers.

Reading is still considered a leisurely past-time of middle and upper classes. Black women college graduates are typically successful, single and childless. Black women are majority populations, particularly at campuses with high African American enrollment.

Sometime after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., or perhaps it's Roe v. Wade, black women entered a Kate Chopin like revolution. They realized that marriage and family wasn't worth it if the Dad isn't like Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch: loyal, attractive, college educated and successful enough to raise three children who aren't his own.

Have black women set their sights too high in the quest for a love, career success and family like Carol and Mike Brady, or Claire and Cliff Huxtable? It's a debate that will last a long time.

Another interesting study comes from the Census Bureau. 50 million U.S. adults hold non-degree credentials. 11.2 million, or five percent of the population, have educational certificates or licenses that are not college degrees.

Of course, the idea to track such numbers and individuals is President Obama's whose educational policy seeks to increase the number of US college graduates by 2025. US college graduation rates lag a good deal behind European college graduation rates. Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana have the lowest college graduation rates in the nation.

Policy makers are expected to rethink federal aid after reviewing the stats. Currently, professional licenses are not federal aid eligible.

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