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The Other Boston Shoe Company - Topo Athletic Making A Splash!

Normally when people talk about the shoe companies based in Boston they list off New Balance, Puma, Converse... but recently I heard another name tossed into the mix - Topo Athletic.

Topo Athletic
Topo Athletic

Who are they?

Topo Athletic is a brand created for and by athletes with a mission to develop athletic gear made with humble innovation.

“Humble” because we know quite well that our equipment doesn’t make you better—you make you better. Our role is to help.

“Innovation” because we are committed to the ongoing study of physiology, environments, and emerging technologies that enable athletes to constantly improve.

I have been very lucky to have been able to test out the Topo Althletic Women's ST shoe ($90) over the past month.

Since I have been on the Crossfit kick, I really like something with a flat bottom that is light-weight and this model was exactly that. Minimalist Running Shoes & Gear even ranked this model as the wear tested shoe of the year. Kudos to Topo!

One thing I noticed right of the bat, was not only the awesome teal and neon design -- but that there was no need to "break in" these shoes. I just threw them on and (ta-da!) they fit like a dream. I was out bike riding, running, and walking all over Boston immediately.

As a newer company on the scene they have a limited line of shoes available to the public right now -- but honestly, I found it to be very well thought out. Something for a Crossfitter / weight lifter like me, something for a runner, something for outdoors.

Check them out today, you'll be glad you did

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