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'The Originals' season 2: What to expect from Hayley

Phoebe Tonkin stars as Hayley in "The Originals"
Photo by Jason Merritt

The first season of "The Originals" was all about Hayley being pregnant with a hybrid. Viewers saw the character go through quite a bit and by the end of the season, she was stronger in more ways than one. So what can fans expect from Hayley in the second season? On May 20, TV Guide posted some information about the character.

Not only is baby Hope a hybrid, but now so is her mother. Right after giving birth, Hayley was killed by the witches. However, she came back to life because she had her baby's blood in her system. By the end of the season finale, Klaus and Hayley had to make the heartbreaking decision to pretend that their baby was dead. She was given to Rebekah in order to keep her safe.

When "The Originals" season 2 airs, fans will see Hayley at rock bottom. Not only does she have to deal with losing her baby, but has to adjust to being a hybrid. Expect to see the character very much changed when the show returns. Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Hayley, told TV Guide,

"I'm excited to build the character up again, see who she bonds with and who helps her to rebuild and find her identity again. She's not the person she was when we found her 12 months ago in Mystic Falls. She's so far from that and it's exciting. But we left them all hopeless!"

Klaus will also be dealing with the loss of his child. When the show first aired, he was in denial and it took him a while before he came around. Just as fans hoped, by the end of the season he not only loved his daughter, but would do anything to protect her. So what can be expected from him when the series comes back to the air? Actor Joseph Morgan said,

"We started shooting Season 2 already so at the moment, I'm working with the repercussions of losing the baby after connecting with her and how that affected him, which is huge for him to deal with."

As for Elijah and Hayley, viewers shouldn't get too excited about a possible romance. According to E! Online, the two characters do not kiss in the three episodes that have already been filmed. Even so, Elijah will remain a part of Hayley's life. Spoiler TV shared a poster that teases that he will attempt to save her from a path of self destruction.

What do you think is going to happen in "The Originals" season 2? How do you think Hayley's character will be portrayed? Will Elijah be able to get her on the right path before it's too late?

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