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'The Originals' season 2 premiere spoilers

Next month "The Originals" season 2 premiere will finally air. The promo clip and spoilers indicate that the show will be even better than the first season. So what can fans expect on the first episode of the new season? On Sept. 3, TV Fanatic posted "The Originals" season 2, episode 1 spoilers.

Phoebe Tonkin plays Hayley on "The Originals"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"The Originals" season 2 premiere will take place on a full moon. The werewolves now have control over the French Quarter. Previous spoilers have revealed that the moonlight rings will weaken Klaus on a regular basis.

The last season ended with Hayley delivering her baby, but in order to keep her safe the parents had to fake her death. Baby Hope is in the care of Rebekah and Hayley will be having a tough time with this. Klaus will also be dealing with having to give up his daughter. Narducci said of Klaus,

"[Klaus] will put all his focus into destroying this threat 'to quite catastrophic effect.'"

Cami will be seeing someone new, but she won't be able to stop herself from helping Klaus. Even though he ordered her to stay away, she feels it is her responsibility to help him. When Klaus talks, Cami listens and she can't deny the connection they share.

Hayley is now a hybrid and will get angry and defensive. She and Elijah will have some interesting conversations about what her new status means for their future. Elijah will also make a surprising decision about how to help Hayley.

As a bonus, producer Michael Narducci told TV Line that viewers might see some interesting flashbacks stuff. These flashbacks might go back to Mystic Falls, the setting for "The Vampire Diaries" and where the Original family is from.

"The Originals" season 2 premieres on the CW on Oct. 6. Which character are you looking forward to seeing when the show returns?

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