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'The Originals' season 2: Phoebe Tonkin talks about Klaus and Hayley

Fans are excited for "The Originals" to return to television and are looking for any information that will give some hints on what to expect. Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Hayley on the show, gave some insight into her character. On Aug. 6, Enstars posted some details about what the actress thinks of what her character is going to do next season.

Phoebe Tonkin plays Hayley on "The Originals"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last season, Hayley finally gave birth, a daughter she named Hope. Unfortunately, she and Klaus had to keep their baby safe and turned her over to Rebekah. The entire first season was centered around Hayley and her pregnancy, so what is going to happen in season 2?

Tonkin recently had an interview with TV for the Rest of Us. She said that Hayley is lost and very angry. Although her character was strong, expect to see her very broken and trying to find herself. Tonkin also said that she doesn't know what she wants or what she is fighting for. The actress also said that Klaus might not be the right person for Hayley to turn to.

It was teased months ago that one character would go through a major change. Based on what Tonkin said, it seems that it will be Hayley. Not only is she experiencing grief from having to give her child away in order to save her, she also went through other transformations.

She started out an orphan, then she was a werewolf and now a hybrid. Her latest change has caused her to be untrustworthy to her pack. She will try to earn their faith and trust again, but will she be able to?

As for romance, TV Line spoke with executive producer Julie Plec. She said that viewers will see more of a backstory on Mikael and Esther. Even though viewers know that they were married and that they turned their children into vampires, there is so much more to tell.

There is also information about the other characters of the show. Michael Narducci explained that the Mikaelson family will be haunted by the things they did in the past. Marcel will try to rebuild, but it will be hard because the town is run by werewolves. Josh, who was supposed to die later in the first season, managed to live. He will be getting a new love interest and Claire Holt will be returning, but she won't be empty-handed. There is no details on how many episodes Holt will appear in, but it will be within the first three episodes.

"The Originals" season 2 will premiere on the CW on Oct. 6.

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