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'The Originals' season 2: Details on the vampires and werewolves

Fans are more than ready for "The Originals" season 2 to premiere and based on what the executive producers had to say, it is going to be intense. On Aug. 11, Buddy TV revealed some spoilers for the television series. One statement that was made was that New Orleans is "shaken to the core."

Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan star in "The Originals"
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

When the show returns, the vampires have been decimated. Those that made it out alive are in exile with Marcel on the other side of the river. As for "The Originals," they are holed up in their compound, supposedly grieving for their baby. However, viewers already know that the baby didn't die. Baby Hope had to be protected and was given to Rebekah (who will return in season 2.)

When "The Originals" season 2 airs, it will have a time jump of four months. Elijah created a plan so that people would buy the baby's death. Klaus is not allowed to leave the house and he is angry and "needs to spill blood." Hayley has post-partum depression. Not only will she be dealing with having to give her baby up, but she is also a hybrid.

The wolves still have an alliance with the witches and are under Francesca's control. Cassie is really someone else then someone returns from the Other Side, "a man who called her mother." The wolves also have moonlight rings. Daniel Sharman was cast as Caleb, who is described as "delightfully obnoxious, charming and wildly handsome." He takes an interest in Davina and has some secrets of his own.

Esther and Mikael have resurfaced, with Davina holding him in a church attic and Esther being able to come back because of the collapse of the Other Side. However, they don't know about each other for at least the first five episodes of season 2. Viewers will learn about their love story and why the characters turned into the people they became. Mikael and Esther's relationship will be similar to the Hound and Arya's of "Game of Thrones." Executive producer Michael Narducci is writing the episode.

There will be no crossovers between "The Vampire Diaires" and "The Originals." However, there are deals being worked on to make it happen. It was also said that New Orleans is better for humans without the vampires controlling it. However, humans remain weaker. There will also be a lot of tension between the vampires and the werewolves, especially where territory is concerned.

Are you looking forward to "The Originals" season 2? What do you think is going to happen with the characters?

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