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'The Originals' season 2: Details on the new werewolf character

It was recently announced that there would be a new werewolf on "The Originals" season 2 and not a very nice one. He is being described as one who is to be feared and respected. So what else is known about the new werewolf? On Aug. 13, TV Line posted some details about the new character.

Colin Woodell will play Aiden on "The Originals" season 2
Photo by David Buchan

In the second season of "The Originals," things are going to be quite different. The entire season is going to focus on something else. Last season, it was all about protecting Hayley's unborn baby. Now that baby Hope has been born and was given to Rebekah to ensure her safety, things are going to take a different direction.

The show is going to have a new werewolf and Colin Woodell of "Devious Maids" will be playing the part. The werewolf has a name and it is Aiden. He is a lieutenant in New Orleans' leading werewolf pack. He doesn't mind pairing up with witches if it can help him keep his family safe and take down vampires. Aiden will make his first appearance on the fourth episode and he will form dangerous alliances.

As fans know, the werewolves are now in control and it is not a good time to be a vampire. Since Hayley is now a hybrid and is no longer leading the pack, things are not going to fare well. Francesca will be in control and she has moonlight rings. She is becoming a real threat to Klaus and Enstars reported that she has a small army and has made alliances with the witches. This is not a good thing since she is bloodthirsty and dangerous.

As for Hayley and "The Originals," they have a long list of enemies. When the new season airs, Hayley will be going through postpartum depression along with dealing with the grief of having to give her baby up. She will be lost and will not be sure what she is fighting for anymore. Elijah created a plan so everyone would buy the story that her baby died. They will be holed up in the compound and Klaus will not be allowed to leave the house. Spoiler reports state that he will be angry and will need to spill blood.

However, there is some good news. Marcel took out the werewolves back in the 1920s. Right now the surviving vampires are with him in exile on the other side of the river. With Marcel's history and the threat of the werewolves, he would be a great asset to Klaus.

What do you think is going to happen in "The Originals" season 2? The show will air new episodes beginning Oct. 6.

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