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'The Originals' season 2: Davina won't be used as a pawn anymore

Danielle Campbell plays Davina on "The Originals"
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Viewers are looking forward to "The Originals" season 2. Even thought here have been plenty of reports on Mikael, Klaus and Hayley, there is one character that hasn't been discussed to much. On Friday, Latin Post reported on what actress Danielle Campbell had to say about her character, Davina.

On the first season of "The Originals," Davina was used by nearly everyone for her powers, including her friends. This season, Davina is going to become a different person. Campbell teased to She Knows that her character will not allow herself to be used as a pawn anymore.

The actress said that Davina will have grown up a lot. She has left her coven and is doing everything on her own. Instead of being a pawn, she is now taking control of her own life. Campbell added that she is most excited about Davina becoming "quite a bad--s."

As for Davina and Mikael, the witch is going to get tired of him. She has Mikael on a leash and he is under her control. She has control over the most powerful vampire. However, don't expect all of their scenes together to be serious. Campbell said that their scenes together are funny and entertaining because they bicker a lot and don't want to put up with each other.

Some fans read "The Originals" season 2 spoilers that revealed Davina would have a new love interest. She is going to become infatuated and charmed by a new character, described as a bad boy. Campbell said that Davina has her guard up, which won't make things easy for him. However, her new love interest is charming so she might have to put those defensive walls down a little bit. Her defenses make sense since Davina's boyfriend was murdered last season. Not only that, but everyone she has every cared about has either left her or been killed. She also said,

"So her biggest thing this season is protecting the people she cares about - like Marcel and Josh - and making sure they don't get hurt."

What do you think will happen with Davina on "The Originals" season 2? Fans will find out for sure when the show returns to the CW on Oct. 6.

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