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'The Originals' season 1 finale preview and photos: Klaus' desperate move

Ready to meet the baby? "The Originals" season 1 comes to an end next week with episode 22, "From a Cradle to a Grave." On Tuesday, May 6, the CW released promotional photos and new extended sneak preview teasing what's coming up in the season 1 finale.

'The Originals' season 1 finale photos for "From a Cradle to a Grave"
'The Originals' season 1 finale photos for "From a Cradle to a Grave"
Bob Mahoney/The CW, used with permission
The Originals -- "From a Cradle to a Grave" -- Pictured (L-R): Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Daniel Gillies as Elijah
Annette Brown/The CW, used with permission

In the final episode of the first season, the baby's due date draws near, and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) embark on a search for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). In the meantime, Hayley is determined to whatever it takes to keep her unborn baby safe and away from the witches. Meanwhile, Francesca (Peta Sargent) meets with Oliver (Chase Coleman) and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) to determine the future of the werewolves in New Orleans.

In the aftermath of the surprising attack on Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and his vampires at the compound, Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Cami (Leah Pipes) team up to take down Klaus. Finally, Klaus, in a desperate move to protect those most important to him, makes a heartbreaking decision.

As the latest episode ended, Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) and the witches had taken Hayley to the church – and Hayley was in labor. Now, the "From a Cradle to a Grave" promo shows Klaus entering the church as Hayley screams. We do see Hayley holding her baby, but we also see Klaus screaming as he's kept pinned against the wall, and Elijah's expression when he finds Klaus suggests a very unhappy ending.

Plus, don't forget to check out the slideshow to see the promotional photos the CW has released from this episode. The photos show Hayley with Elijah and Klaus, as well as Cami with Klaus.

"The Originals" season 1 ends Tuesday at 8 p.m. on the CW. What do you think of the season 1 finale "From a Cradle to a Grave" photos and promo?

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