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'The Originals' recap of 'Apres Moi'

January 21, 2014 the CW aired the next episode of "The Originals" and things couldn't have been hotter as fans watched the death of a main character and the resurrection of many more powerful characters. The witches may have been weakened by the vampires in the beginning of this series, but their power is growing stronger and if first impressions have any say in the design, that power is not getting better. If you didn't see this episode please note you will be reading highlighted spoilers below.

Davina (played by Danielle Campbell) made the ultimate sacrifice this week on The Originals
Photo by Chris McKay

In this episode, Davina's power grew out of control. Each of the elements began manifesting themselves and erupting out of her body in the form of a magical hemorrhage. The Originals decided to help the witches, namely Sabine and Sophie, complete the harvest in order to save their town. That meant Davina would have to be sacrificed. Marcel, was not on board with sacrificing his witch friend and this motivated him to stand up to Klaus. He managed to capture Davina and move her to a safe haven by the water. While the Orignal's tried to find her, Davina came to the obvious conclusion. Either she allow herself to be sacrificed to save her friends or she die anyways by the power erupting from her body. She agreed to allow herself to be sacrificed.

Now it is important to mention that in order to complete the harvest an elder must perform the ritual. New Orleans has no elder, thanks to Marcel and Klaus' war games. Sophie gets Hailey to help her find the remains of a powerful elder named Celeste (Elijah's former lover from centuries ago). Misguided Hailey helps Sophie and ultimately betrays Elijah. Sophie found the remains and attempted to consecrate them, only there was no power left in Celeste's bones. So instead they had to go another route in the form of mommy dearest who was kept on ice in Klaus' basement.

Sophie slits Davina's throat and attempts to resurrect the dead witches. None of them rise and this drives a bigger wedge between Klaus and Marcel - who just lost his friend. As the night calms down the audience is privy to another secret. Sabine is Celeste, Elijah's former lover, and she has resurrected some of her own helpers.

If you missed this episode of The Originals tune into the CW's show page January 22, 2014 to watch it.

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