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'The Originals' recap of 'A Closer Walk with Thee' and spoilers to next week

Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah)
Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah)
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Tuesday night (4/29/14) the war between the witches, humans, werewolves, and vampires on The Originals heated up despite the day of peace they have declared over the good father's death. While the witches plot and play with the dead, Klaus and Elijah's father Michael returns to haunt their dreams. After a call to Bonnie in Mystic Falls, Klaus reports that the veil between life and death is being torn down.

Camille finds out that her newly deceased uncle owned a key (which Marcel stole from him before he died) that could open a pandora's box that could impact the supernatural in very bad ways. Hayley's convinced that Francesca is behind the attack on the bayou and while she asks Cammie for help she collapses in the street and is transported to the dream world where she comes face to face with Michael, her baby's grandfather. The witches in an attempt to get close to Klaus and the baby so they can eventually kill the baby works some magic to rescue Hayley while Michael tries to kill her in the dream world.

After the attack, Hayley decided she was going to move back into Klaus' home. There was even a moment that fans got to see some sincerity between the soon to be mother and father. Elijah asked Genevieve to create a ring that would keep Hayley from transforming at the full moon. Cammie and Marcel opened the box to the mysterious key with a special code that she realizes was passed on from her uncle to her brother and then to her. This became her responsibility and she was not forth coming with what secrets the box held to Marcel.

Genevieve begged the ancestors to allow her not to kill the unborn baby after she confronted Monique who cast the spell that put Hayley in the dream sleep. The ancestors answered Genevieve's prayers by bleeding her from the inside out.

Elijah asks Klaus to make up with Marcel. But instead of making amends the divide between the two men grew deeper.

Hayley and Elijah share a kiss and Michael visits Divina to ask her to bring him back from the dead.

So much happens every week on The Originals it is hard to keep up with all highlights without watching it too. You can catch the latest episode online at the CW show page.

Spoilers to next week's episode:

The final battle begins! The battle between Marcel and Klaus heats up and everyone else is caught up in the middle according to the teaser video. And if you are looking for more romance between Hayley and Elijah you may just get to see a little more lip locking next week. Devina warns that Klaus is not the only one people should be frightened of, after this week's episode it's safe to assume that threat is Michael but the spoilers don't reveal that either way.

If you enjoy The Originals check out the Winters Saga book series on Amazon. Lone Wolf Rising (book one) which focuses on a teen witch who becomes a teen wolf and subsequently an alpha after the massacre of her pack and Vampire Princess Rising (book two) that focuses on Savannah's new life as a vampire princess after her tragic death at the Homecoming dance. A death that her sister Rebecca had a hand in.

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