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'The Originals': A request is made and more on what's next for Elijah

Fans of "The Originals" need to get ready for more action in the French Quarter. Klaus and Elijah are living together in the family home, and things are not well between them at all. The tension between the brothers is obvious once again. On April 10, The CW Network YouTube page shared a new sneak peek featuring Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies. The clip is from "The Originals" episode 1x18 titled "The Big Uneasy." Fans just need to watch the start of the clip to know that all is not well in New Orleans.

The clip begins with Elijah supervising work being done on the home. Klaus enters the scene, and he is not happy about all the noise. Elijah thinks the home needs repair, and Genevieve agrees with him. Klaus warns his brother that her agreement means she wants something. He is right. She wants the witches to be able to celebrate feast days. This was banned by Marcel while he had control over the city. The clip ends before Elijah's answer is revealed.

Elijah has been dealing with a lot this season. He was held captive with a dagger in his chest for a time. He had his ex return after 200 years, and his little sister has run off to live her life. All top of all this is the romantic tension between him and Hayley. Fans have been on the edge of their seat watching Hayley and Elijah dance around a relationship all season long. It is complicated though. She is carrying Klaus' baby after all. Will fans ever see the pair stop dancing around each other and hook up?

Phoebe Tonkin teased to TV Guide that the pair will continue this dance. Hayley has to protect herself, and the thought of being caught between the two brothers 'is not ideal' for her. She has a lot more to keep her busy too. The werewolf curse is off, and she has been destined to marry one of them. That is another complicated relationship though. Fans need to keep tuning in to find out what happens next. "The Originals" will return to CW on Tuesday night.

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