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'The Originals' 1x20 synopsis and shocking promo clip

"The Originals" has turned out to be a great show so far and the first season is almost over. So what can fans expect for episode 20? The synopsis has been released plus a promo clip reveals that both Hayley and her baby are in grave danger from someone from Klaus' past. On April 28, Hypable posted spoilers for "The Originals" season 1, episode 20.

Phoebe Tonkin stars as Hayley in "The Originals"
Photo by Jason Merritt

The title of the upcoming episode is "A Closer Walk with Thee" and the synopsis states that Hayley will face a surprising enemy. Once again they are in danger, so Klaus and Elijah get Genevieve to help them. As fans know, she is struggling to keep control over Davina and the other witches. So who is after pregnant Hayley now?

A promo clip that was posted is shocking and viewers should be very concerned about Hayley. It shows Mikael, Klaus's father, appearing and he has his son by the throat. However, that turns out just to be a nightmare for Klaus. He tells Hayley that his own father is mocking him from the grave. Mikael can't do anything since he is dead, right? Turns out that might be wrong. Klaus announces that the spirit world is crumbling, something that is being dealt with by Bonnie on "The Vampire Diaries" at this time.

Most of the promo clip is in black and white, making it seem like it's a dream. Hayley ends up coming face to face with Mikael. When she tries to say that it isn't real, he disagrees with her. Mikael assures her that what she is experiencing is very real.

Then there are shots of Hayley laying in the floor, still very pregnant, and there is blood on her face. The next shot shows her screaming in terror. Things do not seem very good for Hayley.

However, another promo clip shows a little more information. There are glass windows exploding, Hayley is found on the floor, not breathing and there is a shot of a baby. Could this be the episode that Hayley's hybrid baby is born? It also reveals that Mikael is after Hayley and the baby and he tells Hayley that you "cannot save an atrocity." Mikael ends up dragging Hayley into the Other Side, welcoming her to his Hell.

What do you think is going to happen on "The Originals" episode 20? Will Hayley be able to get out from Mikael's clutches and back into her own world? Will the baby survive or is the child doomed? How will the Other Side crumbling affect the remaining episodes in the season? Will it play a major role like it is in "The Vampire Diaries?"

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