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The original Xbox's 'Fable' was meant to be released on the SEGA Dreamcast

The cover art of the original 'Fable.'
The cover art of the original 'Fable.'
Lionhead Studios

Video game development is a strange creature. The inner workings of a company are rarely known outside of their office's doors and that often results in many facts not being well known until well after the title has launched. During our exclusive interview with Lead Designer Tim Timmins, one of the many staff members working on Fable Anniversary, he revealed one of the least known facts about the Fable franchise.

Because Timmins was only a tester for the original Fable some of these are even new to him. When in discussions with strategy guide creator Prima Games he discovered that the title wasn't even meant to launch on the original Xbox.

"Did you know that Fable was originally going to be a Dreamcast game, before the Xbox came along?" There's an element of disbelief in Timmins voice as he continues, "There was also supposed to be a boss fight with a boss that was about 50 feet tall that mirrored your every move."

Timmins loves sharing his knowledge of the franchise and wishes fans and others alike could understand more of the story behind the games.

"It’s been interesting to hear these thoughts from the creators behind how Fable really came to exist and I think it’s a nice story to be told."

Fable Anniversary releases on February 4 in North America on the Xbox 360.

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