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The Original Craft Beer Club: Review

The Original Craft Beer Club
The Original Craft Beer Club
The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club is a great buy if you enjoy the art of craft beer making. Well, if you enjoy trying the products of such endeavors. What the masses may not know is that there are some great craft beers out there. They can be a real challenge to locate, unless there happens to be a big ol' festival taking place in your town square on an annual basis.

The Original Craft Beer Club (OCBC) has solved this problem. For $39.00 a month (free shipping), you can have 12 world-class craft beers (4 different styles - 3 beers each) delivered to your front door. We tried it this month and also received 4 craft beer tasting glasses, a sturdy OCBC bottle opener, 4 small bags of peanuts, and enclosed literature about the selected craft beers.

OCBC is a class act and provides a well-thought-out product for the craft beer enthusiast. Customer service is excellent, there are no membership fees to pay, you have no obligation to continue and you are free to cancel at any time for any reason.

This month's shipment brought forth Uinta's Bristlecone: Brown Ale, Uinta's Trader Session IPA, Lucid's Air Enlightened Ale and Lucid's The Emperor Red Ale. We also got all of that stuff listed above.


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