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'The Order: 1886' takes the pledge in a new video and teases more

Sony and Ready at Dawn Studios released a new trailer Tuesday for The Order: 1886 that gives a brief history behind the alternate history London featured in the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

"The Pledge" is the second official video for The Order: 1886 and once again does not feature any gameplay footage beyond a small snippet of a cut-scene at the end. However, it does set the tone for the Industrial Revolution era London beset not only by the likes of inhuman half-breeds but also the lower classes rebelling against martial law.

"This conflict that started centuries ago pitted mankind against half-breeds in a battle for survival," Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya wrote on the Playstation Blog. "This became the catalyst for the noblest warriors of their time to come together in an alliance, an Order that waged war and held the line for hundreds of years. Through the centuries, their vigil has kept humanity safe and the war in a status quo while The Order’s members remained hidden behind history and legend.

"But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry," he continues.

"But with progress comes civil unrest and rebellion, by the very people they have sworn to protect. Oppressed by what they perceive to be a dictatorship, the Rebellion rises out of the streets of Whitechapel and quickly prove themselves a dangerous foe, taking up arms against the Monarchy and The Order."

The Order: 1886 was recently confirmed to be a single-player only affair for the PS4 with plans for a cinematic feel, hence the black bars at the top and bottom. No release date has been officially announced yet but the current plan is to release it during the fall of 2014.

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